Dr. Cargen was a certified veterinary technician for 10 years prior to becoming a veterinarian, and she is very proficient in venipuncture and phlebotomy. Our practice offers the full spectrum of diagnostic laboratory evaluation:

  • Canine Heartworm Tests (recommended annually)
  • Fecal tests (sometimes required by boarding facilities)
  • Chemistry panels, including liver, kidney, pancreas and thyroid tests
  • Culture and Sensitivity
  • Complete Blood Chemistry
  • Cytology

This is only a partial list of the labs that we offer. Prices for the common tests are listed on our website; prices include interpretation by Dr. Cargen and a follow-up phone call. Due to the sheer number of tests that are potentially available it is not possible to list all the prices on our site. An explanation of the necessity of each test, as well as a complete written estimate of all diagnostic tests to be ordered will be provided by Dr. Cargen before any work is started.