I have some exciting news to pass along. There is finally going to be an easier way for veterinarians, veterinary technicians (and possibly owners) to take their pets’ temperature non-invasively. Currently the typical way that a pet’s temperature is checked in a clinic is using a rectal thermometer (which is obviously uncomfortable for the pet). There is a company called Home Again Microchips that has designed a chip that will also allow the temperature of the pet to be displayed with a scanner. This means no more rectal, ear or axillary thermometers to get temperatures!!! YAY!!! I will admit I am still going to use the rectal temperature in the short term until I get a good feel for the new technology. It is important to make sure there isn’t a huge variance of readings from the microchips. I am looking forward to being able to provide this service in the next couple of weeks. Just to be clear, in order to read the temperature you have to have this specific microchip in your pet; any scanner in use in a veterinary clinic can be used to read the temperature.

Microchips are still the best way to track down any lost pets. I discussed how microchipping works in my July 1, 2018 blog. This is something that is highly recommended for all pets (even indoor cats). You never know when an indoor animal will try to escape, and actually make it through the door. Microchips have been around for about 15 years and they are very safe. I have been in the veterinary field since well before microchips were even available. I have placed hundreds of microchips in my career, and have seen only 2 adverse reactions to the chip which required them to be removed. Please contact me if you would like more information on microchips or any of the other services I provide.

Thank you,
Kim Cork

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