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Home based veterinary services offer the primary advantage of convenience, especially to clients who have mobility or transportation issues. We offer convenient weekend and evening appointments for busy professionals who are unable to take time off from work to take their pets to the veterinary clinic during regular business hours.

Veterinary care at home is much less stressful to the animals since they are receiving care in a familiar environment with their owner and family present. Also, why would you expose your healthy pet to all of the sick animals that are present in an acute care setting like a veterinary clinic?

We have a very simple and transparent pricing structure and list our prices on the website. We think you will be pleasantly surprised to see how our prices compare to a traditional clinic practice. Since we don’t have the high overhead expenses of brick & mortar clinic, we can pass those savings along to our clients. Due to our low overhead, our prices are extremely competitive, and almost always lower than a traditional clinic practice!

Extended Hours Coming Soon!

We will be getting a full-service truck in late summer!

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  • Steven H. Avatar
    Steven H.

    Dr. Cork is compassionate, knowledgeable, and responsive. I would recommend her services without hesitation.

  • Jenifer Avatar

    Excellent care for my 2 catz! Kim was available by phone during her vacation, to help with an emergency. She arrives with every tool possible. She brought her scanner to see if a stray could be identified. Total dedication to animals, and their devoted parents!

  • McKenzie H. Avatar
    McKenzie H.

    Kim is the best vet ever. She was so wonderful is in making our 13 year old lab comfortable in his last months of life. He had multiple health issues and with her expertise, she helped him so he was able to be mobile and feel better during this difficult time. Kim and her assistant are wonderful at what they do! We are very grateful for the loving care they gave our precious lab

  • Eric Avatar

    I don't trust most vets with my pets, but I trust them for sure.

  • Polly Avatar

    Dr Cork is so available and very good with both my elder lab and 3 kitties
    She is so far the best vet I’ve had because she is an excellent diagnostician and very tuned into my pets.
    I wish I had learned of Mobile vet services years ago!

  • Megan Avatar

    My little dog Beatrice has a history of luxating patellas and has already had surgery on one knee due to it causing pain. She recently started showing signs of difficulty and pain with the other leg. Kim was kind and concise when explaining how chiropractic works and how we may be able to manage my dog with her services and avoid surgery altogether. So far Bea is doing great with regular adjustments and is able to run and jump like she loves to do without pain! Would highly highly recommend.

  • Tasha Avatar

    Dr. Cork has been doing a fantastic job keeping my oldest Aussie up and literally running. She's 14 & has typical old dog aches and pains (not surprising since she's a former performance dog and doesn't realize she's 14) but with regular chiropractic adjustments from Dr. Cork, she's been off daily pain management since spring. She literally wiggles with excitement when she sees her favorite doctor!!! You can absolutely see the relief in her eyes when she's been adjusted - she goes from walking carefully to bouncing around again. I'd absolutely recommend any pet, no matter the age, be evaluated and adjusted regularly! Even my 3 month old is a preventative chiropractic patient! I plan on her being just as sassy and spry at 14 as my oldest is. 🙂

    Having a veterinarian who looks at the whole pet and not just symptoms is extremely important to me. Knowing that she knows not only the chiropractic side but also the veterinary and performance side of what my dogs bodies go through gives me absolute piece of mind. I know they're always in outstanding hands.

  • Debbie Avatar

    Our dog was having issues eating due to a problem with her jaw. She would have to stop periodically and move her jaw around to continue eating. When we mentioned this to Dr. Cork, she said her jaw could be out of alignment. She manipulated our dog's jaw, and told us it was definitely out of alignment. When it was time for our dog to eat, she had no problems eating. She looked at me as if to say, Wow! thanks mom for getting my jaw fixed! We highly recommend Dr. Cork for her professionalism, friendliness, and knowledge.

  • David Avatar

    Mostly, our 6 year old, Cavalier King Charles Spaniel has been a very sick girl off and on since March 2017. On Halloween she was still sick and getting worse again. We had been seeing another vet all that time. On Halloween I met Dr Kim Cork and she turned our lives around!!!! She took time to actually get the results of a test, give us the proper RX and follow up , and follow up, repeating the tests and treatment. As the year ended she got the results after performing a delicate test on Mostly in our living room! How great to not drop off my dog, not wait in a waiting room or exam room and have the total cost be LESS than it had been even after pet insurance❤️Oh, yes, and Mostly has no sign of infection!🎉Happy New Year Indeed🎉🙏thanks doc Cork says Mo🙏

  • Jill Avatar

    I have been bringing my two dogs, a senior mixed breed and my 3 year old Golden Retriever, to Dr. Cork for adjustments for the past few months. Over the years, I've noticed my senior dog getting stiff from arthritis and after getting adjusted, he's able to go for longer walks, is able to use the stairs in our house easier and overall seems more comfortable. Plus, he's not waking up in the middle of the night to shake and stretch (a bonus for everyone!). I bring my Golden in because we complete in a variety of sports and are very active in general. I didn't realize how much an adjustment can make a difference! In Obedience, her fronts are consistently straighter and she's able to find and maintain heel position better. She's clearing all her jumps in agility and her box turn in flyball has greatly improved. I would highly recommend adjustments for senior dogs, competition dogs and your pets who you want to keep healthy and active.

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